Brita takes back its pitcher filters! Now, what about the faucet filters?

Friday, January 30, Beth Terry delivered 561 Brita pitcher filters plus 50 Brita faucet/refrigerator filters to Brita representatives at Whole Foods Market in Oakland, CA for recycling.

The 561 pitcher filters will be included as part of Preserve's Gimme5 program, which will also collect other types of #5 plastic (such as yogurt tubs, prescription bottles, and all Preserve products).

The 50 non-pitcher filters were handed separately to Brita's Drew McGowan, who has promised to include them in ongoing recycling research since faucet filters are made from a different kind of plastic from pitcher filters.

In attendance at Friday's event, along with Terry and McGowan, were Martina Wang from Brita as well as Adesina Stewart and Liz Bootz from Whole Foods Market.

Next steps...

1) Check the list of participating Whole Foods Markets to determine if your local store will be participating. If not, please contact the manager of your store and ask him/her to participate in Preserve's Gimme5 program.

2) Write or call Clorox (Brita). Thank them for finding a way to recycle pitcher filters, and let them know we want them to go even further. First, we want to encourage Brita to find a way to recycle faucet filters. And second, we'd like all its filters to be designed to be either refilled or the plastic recycled into new filters.

It's great that Preserve has stepped in to help recycle these filters into new products like toothbrushes and cutting boards. Still, virgin plastic must be used to create new filters. If Brita can come up with a way to create new filters from old ones, the recycling loop will truly be closed. We hope Brita will continue their research into further methods of recycling.

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