Send Us Your Used Filters!

Please do not send us any more filters. Brita has announced it will begin collecting and recycling filters in January 2009. Until then, please hold on to your filters. As soon as we have the details on where to send them, we'll post them here.

In addition to the petition and letter-writing, we want to make a strong visual statement. Inspired by Jim McKenna's and John Lieberman's successful campaign to urge AOL to quit sending out unsolicited CDs, we're collecting used Brita filters, both pitcher and tap, to deliver to Clorox en masse at some point in the future.

Please send us your USED Brita filters!

Collect them from your friends, co-workers, and classmates!

Organize a drive!

Join our Yahoo! Group to meet others in your area and arrange filter collection/pick up/drop off.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, e-mail to arrange for a pickup or take them to the collection bin at the Berkeley Ecology Center store.

Otherwise, please mail them to:

Take Back The Filter
5245 College Avenue, Box #815
Oakland, CA 94618

*Please send only USED filters, not new.

**We are only collecting Brita filters at this time. Perhaps at some point in the future we'll expand the campaign to include other brands.

***Please don't use a ton of packaging to protect them. Remember, we're trying to reduce waste. It doesn't matter if the filters arrive in pristine condition. They're used up already!

We're standing by with big empty buckets waiting to be filled!