Campaign will hand over 611 collected filters to Brita tomorrow!

01/29/2008: Thanks to you, we've collected a total of 611 filters that we'll happily hand over to Brita tomorrow morning to be recycled as part of Preserve's Gimme5 program. The handover will take place at 8:00AM PST at Whole Foods Market in Oakland, CA (the new Lake Merritt location.) Local press have been invited to come and witness the event.

Wonder what 611 Brita filters look like? Here's a photo taken back when we had only 581!

Brita has kindly arranged this event for us and are enthusiastic about accepting the filters to kick off the recycling program. Are you interested in witnessing the filter transfer and perhaps taking a few photos? Here is the text of Brita's media alert:

Brita collects more than 600 filters at Oakland’s Whole Foods Market

WHAT: Earlier this year, Brita teamed up with Preserve, a leading maker of 100 percent recycled household consumer goods, to collect and recycle Brita pitcher filters for the first time ever. Consumers have been asked to drop off used Brita filters at participating Whole Foods Markets, which collect and ship the filters on behalf of Preserve. This program allows Brita consumers to make another positive impact by recycling Brita pitcher filters and thus reducing dependence on bottled water.

Friday, January 30, 2009, Beth Terry, local Bay Area recycling advocate who supports the reduction of plastic waste and plastic recycling, will hand over more than 600 filters collected prior to the program’s launch to Brita and Whole Foods as part of the Preserve Gimme 5 program to collect No. 5 polypropylene plastics. These filters will be among the first of their kind to be recycled into Preserve household products such as toothbrushes, cups and cutting boards.

WHERE: Photo opportunity to take place at local Whole Foods Market in Oakland, Calif. 230 Bay Place Oakland, Calif. 94612

WHEN: Friday, January 30, 2009 at 8 a.m. PT

WHO: Brita Senior Group Manager, Drew McGowan, who manages the FilterForGood campaign and Martina Wang, who facilitated the recycling program will receive the filters on behalf of Brita. Joining Drew and Martina are Whole Foods representatives, Adesina Stewart and Liz Bootz and Beth Terry, local Bay Area recycling advocate.

Visit for more details on the recycling program.

For my part, I'll just be happy to move these boxes of filters out from under my dining room table!

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Wonderful work, and looks to be a wonderful way cap it all off. Thank you so much for bringing this into a reality.