06/10/08: Please help us spread the word!

Many, many thanks to Co-op America for endorsing the campaign last week and posting an announcement in their online newsletter. This kind of support from national organizations really, really helps to spread the word.

But, as you know, there are many more Brita users who don't subscribe to online newsletters and who may not belong to environmental organizations. Still, they want a way to recycle their filters. Every day we receive petition signatures from folks who just happened upon the site by Googling "recycle Brita filter." Imagine how many more people wonder how to recycle them but don't think to check online. That's why we need your help to spread the word.

Do you belong to a church, community group, PTA, mother's group, or another type of mailing list? Please consider posting an announcement in the group's newsletter or bulletin, whether online or in print. Already, we have people coming to the site from miscellaneous online forums, blogs, local newsletters, church announcements, and just today a local mother's group. That's great and we need to keep it going.

Are you a member of any other environmental, consumer, or social justice organization that you feel could endorse or help promote the campaign? Please let them know about us. We have a whole page of ideas for how both individuals and organizations can help spread the word.

We'd love you to be our MySpace friend or join our FaceBook group. And please let others know about the campaign through those social networking venues.

What other ideas do you have? Please leave a comment here with any suggestions for us. We want to hear any and all of them!


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