06/18/08 Update: 6,100 signatures, 94 filters, getting businesses involved

To date, the Take Back The Filter campaign has collected over 6,100 petition signatures. We've also received 94 filters from 19 U.S. states and D.C. Is your state listed on the sidebar?

Apparently, Clorox is listening. An article in the online magazine Grist this week reported that when questioned about Brita recycling during the recent Sustainable Brands conference, a Clorox rep replied, "We're working on it." However, Clorox has not provided any concrete information to us since our first contact with them back in April. We think they still need a lot more convincing.

So we continue to work on finding creative avenues for getting the word out and expect a couple of print articles this week.

We've also gained support from the business sector, with endorsements from eCycle Group in Southern California, a company that understands take-back recycling programs, and Sacramento-based Synchrosina Creative Services, an organization that appreciates thoughtful product design. Both companies wrote about the campaign on their company blogs. And Synchrosina sent a letter to Clorox on company letterhead. (Read Synchrosina's letter here.)

Do you have a business that appreciates the concept of Extended Producer Responsibility? Please send a letter to Clorox on company letterhead and then forward it to us. We'll post it here. And if you've got practical recycling ideas for Clorox, be sure and let us (and them) know that too.

Here is our update of the latest blogs and web sites that have promoted the campaign this week or added the badge to their site:

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Remember, if you have a blog or web site, please mention the campaign. We'll link back to you here.


Kale for Sale said...

Good job on all the signatures. I linked the petition a few weeks ago on my sidebar. Hope it helps!

Britt Bravo said...

Congratulations, Beth! Thanks for all your hard work.