05/09/2008: The filters are coming! The filters are coming!

BRITA water filter cartridges are starting to arrive from all over the country: Berkeley, CA; Pearland, TX; Milford, NJ; Baltimore, MD; Montgomery, AL! We've collected 22 so far and hope that number will increase dramatically as the campaign progresses.

One of Clorox's contentions is that consumers are not willing to pay a little extra for filters that are recyclable. We hope that recyclable filters will not cost more. But the fact that people are willing to pay for postage to ship their filters across the country proves that for at least some of us, protecting the environment is worth a little extra monetary cost.

So please keep those filters coming! Organize a group collection for your school, office, or neighborhood and send them all at once. Publish an ad on your local Craigslist or Freecycle Group requesting BRITA filters. And don't forget, we want BRITA faucet filters too.

I'll post regular updates of the numbers collected here. Stay tuned!

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Allie said...

I would pay a little more for filters that are recyclable. In fact, if (when) they do switch to recyclable filters, I will switch to Brita (I used a different filter system now).