05/20/2008: BRITA filter crosses SF at Bay to Breakers to promote TBTF campaign!

(Click photo to see larger view.)

Sunday was a great day for the race, and "race" we did across San Francisco spreading the word about the Take Back The Filter campaign. Alongside Beth, dressed as a BRITA pitcher filter cartridge, marched volunteers Tanya, as a German girl wondering why BRITA filters are recyclable in Germany but not the U.S., and Christa, dressed as a combination incinerator/landfill (with actual BRITA filters combined with other garbage attached to her skirt) urging folks not to let their filters go up in smoke.

We passed out little flyers (click here if you'd like some to print and pass out [PDF format]) and explained the campaign to many people who enthusiastically pledged to sign the petition and spread the word. At the Footstock Costume Contest, we took the stage and announced the campaign to an appreciative crowd.

Now that the costume and signs have been created, look for us to take to the streets again to gather signatures and support. Would you like us to visit your venue? E-mail beth@myplasticfreelife.com. Want to make your own BRITA costume? Contact me and I'll send you instructions for how I made mine. Have more ideas for campaign promotion? We want to hear them!

Click here to view more photos from our day at the Bay to Breakers.


Allie said...

That's awesome!!!!

Anarres Natural Health said...

I ADORE fun protest!
I'm linking this on my LK.

Love & RRRevolution, Tracey

Jenn said...

Beth - I'm going to get this featured in the SL newsletter for July 16! Our copywriter might be in touch for a quote. ;)