04/19/2008: Over 500 signatures and spreading across the Internet!

We've collected our first 500 signatures, and news about the campaign is spreading across the Internet. Here's a list of sites we know about so far that have written about the "Take Back The Filter" campaign, in alphabetical order:

Allie's Answers
Athena's Armoury
Bad Human
Bean Sprouts
Blue Collar Crunch
Burbanmom's Going Green
Californians Against Waste
Crunchy Chicken
Eco 'Burban
Environmental Working Group's Enviroblog
Everyday Trash
Fake Plastic Fish
Frugal Nuts Are Green
Green Bean Dreams
Green Made Simple
Gruppie Girl
It's A Green, Green, Green, Green World
L.A. Times Emerald City Blog
Low Impact Home
Organic Picks
Rob's World
Surely You Nest

And other sites have put up our badge:

Happy Vegan Face
Wild Orchids For Trotsky

I apologize if I've missed anyone. Please let me know. And if you have a blog and would like to be listed among our blogger supporters, please write about the campaign and let us know. We'll be happy to link to your site!

500 signatures is a great start, but we're going to need many, many more to show Clorox that Brita filter waste is an issue that's very important to consumers. Please keep spreading the word. I'll have more tools for you to use in the coming days!


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