4/29/2008: Take Back the Filter Catches Clorox’s Attention

Earlier this month, our group efforts were rewarded as we caught the attention of Clorox. On the 17th, Beth received an email from an individual representing Clorox asking to meet with her. The email said,

“I've seen you Web site and your campaign and would love to speak with you personally so I can explain what we are doing as a company and potentially work together towards a solution.”

Progress came quickly considering the group was founded in January of this year!

The meeting with the Clorox representative shed some light on Clorox’s stance, but left many questions as well. Clorox continued to defend the uncertainty behind recycling filters in the US citing barriers with current waste management practices, consumer demand, and economic feasibility (meaning they aren’t sure they are willing to bear the costs of a recycling program or whether their customers would be willing to do so).

Our group has followed this conversation up with a letter of our concerns, including our thoughts on sending plastic to China for recycling if (and when) a filter recycling program is instituted.

(Side note: Why are we so concerned about plastic recycling happening over seas rather than here at home? Please take a look at the following BBC report to understand what happens when our plastic waste is shipped to Asia.)

This early conversation with Clorox indeed reiterated the need for this campaign to push forward. It is vital we show Clorox that the demand is there for a filter recycling program.


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Robj98168 said...

If they don't want to take back their filters, dammit, boycott their products. Or at least get some activated charcoal and refill your brita filters!