04/30/2008: Over 2,000 signatures and many more web sites supporting the campaign!

We've been especially pleased that No Impact Man Colin Beavan wrote a terrific article about the campaign that has helped to put us over 2,000 signatures. Many more bloggers and web sites are jumping on the bandwagon. Here are more sites that have promoted the campaign since I last reported on 4/19:

Apartment Therapy's Re-Nest
Carla Golden's Get Healthier Blog
Drinking Liberally
Eco Geekos
Green Daily
Greener One
No Impact Man
Prairie Dreams
Rites of Passage
Sean Ward's Blog
Simply Authentic
Sucker For Marketing
Tiny Choices
Touch of Avalon

Other sites that have added the badge or link:

Memories of Mine to Thine
Midnightsky Fibers on LiveJournal
Oh Hello Baby
One Size Fits All
Our Friendly Earth
Paradigm Shifted

This list doesn't even include all the various forums and discussion threads containing links to the campaign. So please keep it up. It's working!

And finally, "Take Back The Filter" is now on FaceBook! Please join our group and help us spread the word!



Liberally Beautiful said...
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Liberally Beautiful said...

Hi Beth,
Thanks for listing my blog here. I have written an article promoting the campaign on my site. It's the current post.

I have recently changed out my Brita pitcher filter and will be sending it your way soon.

Keep up the good work!


Sam said...

I hope something comes of it! I'm passing the word around as well.

OurFriendlyEarth said...

Just wanted to let you know that since adding the Take Back the Filter badge to my website and adding a post about the issue, I have been getting multiple hits per day based on searches for how to recycle Brita filters. People are very interested in being able to recycle the Brita filter.